Monday, August 20, 2007

Video Games

1) Children are the main targets of video games.

I strongly disagree with this statement because now video game designers create games not only for the children but also for adults. All different ages individual now have this opportunity to play video games.

5) Video games are socially isolating.

I agree with this statement that video games make a person socially isolated. They do not have any relation with real world during play time. They spend most of their time at home infront of their computer screen. By playing some games they learn anti social activities.

7) Video games are addictive.

It is true that video games are addictive. When somebody start to play video games they do not stop until upgrade their scores or levels. By spending hour after hour infront of the computer they try to finish their game and move on to a new game. It is really addictive.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

About my presentation

It is a great opportunity for me to prepare my presentation and deliever infront of my teacher and classmates. I learned how to make plan about whole presentation and organize all informations, ideas, data's, thoughts, and images. I learned about the source of primary data and secondary data. In order to make a good presentation, I learned how to keep the attention of the audiences and make the presentation attractive. I learn what kind of languages and expression I should use for presentation. Now I know where I should use examples and images. Overall, It is a great experience for me and it will help me to prepare for future presentation.

On that following day, I was really nervous but after complet my presentation, I was really feel happy about the reaction of my teacher and classmates. However, I remember my teacher's comments and next time I will try to use power point and respect the time limits.

I learned many things by listening to other's presentation. many new topics, ideas, and information our classmates presented infront of us. All of them presented their research topics very nicely. Every one of them have different styles, patterns, and approaches. We all asked a lot of question and they gave satisfactory feedback. By asking question, we can determine the depth of knowledge of our presenter and also make the topics clear to all other. I really achieved a great experience through this presentation procedure part.

My Research Paper

I learned a lot by doing my research paper. It was a big opportunity for me to work on this research procedure. From the beginning to end, I worked hard and learned a lot. Lily also gave me the guideline all the time. I learned so many new things such as :

- I learned how to use library provided clues to find out articles, books, and journals.
- I learned how to get information from these books, or articles and use in my research paper.
- I learned how to do reference list by using citation.
- Now I know how to do paraphrase by reading articles or books.
- I learned that I must understand all the information which I mention in my research paper.

This are some points which I learned by doing my research paper.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Improving Academic Performance

It is really interesting in the part of setup the schdule for study because I found that it is a good skills and techniques which can help us in our study. some of us really wait until the last minutes to do our work. At the eleventh hour, we try to copy from books, websites, or articles. This way we cannot present a good paper or presentation. By effective time management, we can control our work, search internet properly and read books carefully. When we do our homework in last minutes, it creates stress and panic situation. Set up a schedule for study keep us relax and make effective utilization of time. Our natural tendency to get reward by doing any work. So after finish our work, if we arrange some reward, it will encourage us to do this work on time. I found this is the most important part of this article.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Population Blogging

1) I'm feeling optimistic because the growths of population of our world in balance position now. In some parts of our world, population growths are zero, in some parts it is decreasing or slowdown and some countries population growths are increasing. So, overall it is in balance position.

2) Our resources are limited and in some parts of the world population growths increasing rapidely. If we do not stop this growth tendency, we will face a enormous food crisis, natural disaster or lack of funds to build infrastructure.

3) Industrial world facing population problem interms of fewer babies, aging problem, more immigrants and fertility problem. They should take initiative by encouraging family to take more babies and invite more immigrants people to keep the economy dynamic and make a balance budget between environment and economy.

Extended definination of Happinss

When my inner feelings satisfy with any real action, thought or believe, it is call happiness. Real happiness will come through sacrifice. This sacrifice could be your comfort, luxury or desire.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Male- Female Communication Patterns

In our lecture topics, the teacher discusses about the communication patterns of a male and female with some references including to author Derorah Tannen. According to her, there are big differences between the word used by men and women. Because of their word selection, sometimes a man and a woman has misunderstanding with each other. Further more, male always has a tendency of giving advice to his female partner and showing dominating attitude. Male always wants to make a distance and to show his personality. On the other side, female talks more and sometime make informal communication.

There are big differences between male and female in their culture. For example, the Americans are more straight forward in the talking then the Japanese. In another study, Deborah Tannen found a number of differences between a boy and a girl in their expression, attitude and pattern of communication with different ages. In another TV show in Austria, men try to dominate the floor even though women have the expert status in a specialized field. The audience also shows attention towards male voices. In work place, these diffencences are more visible because the environment is more structural and hierarchical. It is proven that female are given less importance in professional meetings and boss and subordinates relationship.